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Bathroom Rehab

From installing new fixtures to total teardown and rebuilds.


From bringing your wiring up to code to wiring a new room expansion.


From installing new ductwork to repair and maintenance of heating and air conditioning units.


From plumbing repair to new plumbing.

Lead Paint Removal

A variety of approaches are used to remove lead-based paints, such as wire brushing or wet hand scraping with liquid paint removers.


From new deck construction to porch repair.

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On any project from carpentry to vacant and or occupied unti turn.


From moving to improving we are the best

I want to talk to you about Benjamin Simmons of Top Notch Home Servicing LLC.  What a great company.  If you want great services, then you want Benjamin Simmons.  He will get the job done the first time.

Mr. Simmons of Top Notch Home Servicing LLC has done a lot of work for my organization and in my home.  Dry wall, cleaning, plumbing, everything.  He will get the job done.  For timely work before inspections, call Benjamin Simmons at Top Notch Home Servicing LLC.  He can handle everything every time.  The work is excellent and the price is right.  Top Notch Home Servicing LLC has got my recommendation.

—Art McKoy
Satisfied Customer

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100 +

Kitchen Rehab’s

100 +

Bathroom Rehab’s

50000 +

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Clients Feedback

He can handle everything every time.  The work is excellent and the price is right.  Top Notch Home Servicing LLC has got my recommendation.

Art McKoy

Satisfied Customer

Ben from Top Notch Home Servicing built a step platform for us, allowing for easy entry from garage into home.  Ben also installed additional handrails inside our home and a new bath shower head.  We have been very satisfied with both his work and reasonable pricing.

Nancy Stella

Satisfied Customer

I recommend Top Notch Home Servicing for anything from lawn maintenance, cleaning, and hauling, to drywall, painting, and plumbing.

Glenn Gall – Satisfied Customer